The blueprint to sustainable growth: 5 phases of employee development.

Learn about the challenges and best practices for each of the 5 stages - onboarding, performance, development and engagement, and brand ambassador.

Get actionable tips that will help you build and maintain a successful employee lifecycle to directly impact the growth of your organization.


In this webinar “The blueprint to sustainable growth: 5 phases of employee development” speakers share learnings on how investing in employees guarantees sustainable growth for companies.

This webinar is a collaboration between Sapling and Impraise. Guest speakers include HR expert from both companies, Jeff Diana, HR leader and Advisor and Agata Zasada, People and Culture leader at Bananatag, and Lisette Venema, Customer Success Manager from Impraise joining the discussion to share valuable insights.

Viewers will learn what are the challenges and best practices for each of the 5 stages - onboarding, performance, development, engagement and recognition, and brand ambassador. The guests discuss how creating a blueprint to combine all these pieces together leads to consistent and valuable employee experience.

During the webinar, actionable tips for optimizing each phase is shared. Speakers cover how a successful employee lifecycle directly impacts the growth of your organization.

Topics covered

Here’s a complete overview of the topics covered. If you’d like to jump to a specific one, simply look at the timestamps and head to that moment in the video.

1. Onboarding phase (6:05)

Discussion question: "Once your new hire accepts their offer - how can HR best support them to quickly get up to speed?"

2. Performance phase (16:22)

Discussion question: "How have you enabled your employee for success through tools, goals, and processes?"

3. Development phase (30:58)

Discussion question: "How do we align career development goals with business goals?"

4. Engagement and recognition phase (44:10)

Discussion question: "How can you further encourage performance and engagement with recognition?"

5. Brand Ambassador phase (51:30)

Discussion question: "How can your employees leave as brand ambassadors?"

6. Q&A (56:20)

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