The role of clarity and alignment in the workplace

The People Enablement Webinar Series showcases experts, thought leaders, and practitioners providing actionable insights, latest trends, best practices and real-world examples of organizations successfully collaborating to create powerful strategies that succeed in bringing out the best in your people.

Learn how to take your team beyond “just do it” and “it’s your job to figure this out," to true talent engagement where your teams experience fulfilment in what they do.

We all understand that engagement is an important part of connecting people with their work, but many initiatives miss one of the most important motivators—mission.

When surveyed, millennials listed 'mission' in their top 5 reasons for staying at a job. They want to know their work is valued, and that they are making a difference with their contributions.

So, how do you help your teams experience fulfilment in what they do?

Impraise presents this interactive panel session with Jo Weech, Miles Robinson, Jeffrey Newman, Lilian Bazell, and Human Resources Today to help you answer that question!

In this webinar we discuss how to take your team beyond “just do it,” and “it’s your job to figure this out" towards true talent engagement.

We will cover:

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