We all understand that engagement is an important part of connecting people with their work, but many initiatives miss one of the most important motivators, and that is mission. When surveyed, millennials listed this in their top 5 reasons for staying at a job. People want to know their work is valued, and that they are making a difference with their contributions.

So, how do you help your teams experience fulfilment in what they do?

Human Resources Today is excited to present this interactive panel session with Jo Weech, Miles Robinson, Jeffrey Newman & Lilian Bazell to help you answer that question!

Join us to take your team beyond “just do it,” and “it’s your job to figure this out" towards true talent engagement with:

  • Different ways to communicate clear direction with respect to company goals and overall vision
  • Strategies to partner with people to achieve career goals that align with company objectives
  • Agile performance management so that team members can course correct quickly, be rewarded for even the littlest of accomplishments/wins, and ways to ensure that everyone is valued for their contributions.

About the speakers

Jo Weech, CEO & Primary Consultant, Exemplary Consultants

As Founder of Exemplary Consultants, Jo Weech enjoys assisting companies excel in both recruiting and retention, infusing enthusiasm into strategy/execution. Speaking engagements include national/international HR and Recruiting conferences and career transition groups. In 2016, Jo was awarded the HRLA Leadership Excellence award. In 2017, she was named by RecruitingDaily as one of 300+ Women in HR Technology to Follow and Support, awarded the Gary Cluff Award for Recruiting Excellence, and won the award for Best Presentation at DisruptHR NYC, category of “HR is Awesome”. In November 2017, Jo traveled to Japan in a US delegation of top HR and Talent Acquisition Professionals and will do so again in Prague/Budapest this fall. She has a passion to partner with people in her profession to continue to raise the bar of excellence and efficiency.

Miles Robinson, Agile and Management Consultant, Motivational Speaker

Miles Robinson has been building Software Security Solutions with Symantec Corporation for 18 years for both consumers and enterprises. As Manager, Engineer and Artist, he focuses on the human element when building solutions, using well selected, emotionally intelligent measurements to foster successful execution while building great team culture. His understanding of product life cycles has led to his being a strong operational voice and someone who can tie together vision and execution, knowing that the most important part of any project is maximizing what you can get done with the assets you have. He also serves as Chief Strategy Officer for Adaptable Security, a non-profit serving the cyber-security needs of local government and small businesses.

Jeffrey Newman, Senior Sourcing Specialist, Walmart

Jeff has been in the staffing world for over 20 years. His experience includes a mix of Agency Staffing, primarily for Wall Street with corporate experience at companies including Dropbox, Indeed, Docker and Teradata. While his focus has primarily been on sourcing and recruiting, there isn't much in HR he hasn't touched. (Don't ask him about the Benefit end of stuff, though!). He is currently a Senior Sourcing Specialist for Walmart eCommerce. He lives in the East Bay with his wife and son, after spending way too long in New York City.

Lilian Bazell, Co-Founder, MEZA Inside

Lilian Bazell is an organizational development consultant, founder of The Future of HR meetup community, and partner at MEZA Inside, an internal communications agency working with national and global brands to build employee engagement. MEZA helps companies such as Johnson&Johnson, DuPont, Uber, AccorHotels, Teleperformance, and many others to discover, improve and transform their brand and culture through strategic communications. Lilian’s long experience in the Human Resources field has given her a deep understanding of the strategic value of HR and knowledge of how to achieve effective communication to engage today’s diverse workplace.

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