Grow your people, grow your business.

Build engaged & high performing teams by enabling Managers to better understand & grow their people. Drive feedback loops with goal setting, regular 1:1s, fairer reviews, actionable feedback & more – all in one place.

Grow your people, grow your business.

Success today depends more on your people – than ever before

Help Managers support their people – in one place

Impraise is designed for HR and People teams who want to empower their Managers to support more alignment, performance & development across their teams.

Read on to learn how you can set yourself up to become the trusted facilitator of these processes – today.

I like that our employees find it easy to use without a lot of training, it’s mobile friendly, and they can use it on the go. It’s really quick, simple, and administratively easy."
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Lianne Hajduch
HR Business Partner

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Alignment: Create focus for exceptional results

Enable Managers to provide more focus for their teams so everyone is moving in the same direction – driving superior performance and phenomenal results.

Compared to our old process, Impraise really empowers our people to focus on how they can make the best possible impact."
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Melissa Barker
Learning and Development Advisor
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68 %

70% of direct reports say their managers do not provide clear goals and direction.¹


Performance: Add clarity & insights to fuel growth

Support Managers to create more touch points for learning and insights throughout the year. This reduces pressure during reviews, and people clearly understand how they can reach their full potential – year round.

It’s not just twice a year doing a review process. It’s once a month or more with your manager, now that we have tools to track, record, monitor feedback in a way that’s really, really productive."
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Lianne Hajduch
HR Business Partner
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70 %

72% of users found that feedback exchanged through Impraise contributed to their performance improvements.²


Development: Grow your people, grow your business

Help Managers to build learning opportunities into every day, so people are engaged and learning in their role – year round.

Before, it felt like there were just spontaneous moments, now there is one dedicated place that helps monitor their personal growth and drive their performance forward.”
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Anouk van der Spek
HR Manager
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¹ Deloitte University – 'The paradox of flows: Can hope flow from fear?'

² Impraise – Customer Survey.