Continuous feedback between co-workers.

Simple web & mobile app for 360 degree feedback and peer coaching.

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Mobile and Easy

Impraise offers you actionable, fast and 360° feedback. It’s engaging, versatile and easy to use.

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Learn faster

Get real-time insights into your strengths and weaknesses and become more productive every day.

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Grow, Together

Make feedback a part of your company culture and reinforce the values inside your team.

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Here's how Impraise can improve your company

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Get performance reviews done faster

Help your employees develop with minimal effort throughout the entire year in a very lightweight way. Instead of slowing down your business, Impraise gives you better results, faster.

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Make meetings more efficient

Become aware of inefficiencies and optimize the processes that matter. Impraise helps you make meetings, presentations and projects have a bigger impact on personal and business success.

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Uncover coaching needs in real time

Make sure your team gets the training and coaching they need at the right time. With Impraise, you can always know where your help or praise is necessary.

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Develop future leaders

As your company grows, your people have to shift into new roles to adapt. Ensure that they develop correctly, face challenges constructively and help grow the entire business.

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