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Grow your people, grow your business.

From power grids and parking lots to microchips and potato chips — the most amazing things are created by people. We want to unleash the potential of individuals and teams, so that they can go forward and further — faster. At Impraise, we believe that seizing moments to celebrate, learn, and improve (no matter the day), can transform roles into careers.

In 2014, that meant redesigning performance reviews; creating a more engaging experience for one of HR’s most cumbersome processes. Today, it means energizing performance management, fostering career development, and seizing all the moments that happen in between."

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Bas Köhnke CEO & Co-founder

Through intuitive technology, unmatched support, and a relentless commitment to our people centric vision, we forge cultures where individuals and leaders feel valued, motivated, and empowered to take ownership of their day-to-day progress and long-term career aspirations.

We’ve built The People Enablement Platform for people and businesses to thrive.

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Our team of 60+ people includes 22+ nationalities, spread over 3 countries, and growing. We’re developers, designers, HR consultants, writers, musicians, bakers, dog lovers, cyclists, board gamers — you name it.

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Drinking our own champagne

We don’t just facilitate feedback exchange. It’s how we’ve built our company. Using our platform, we’ve exchanged over 19,000 pieces of feedback and maintained a near perfect participation rate across our different types of reviews — be it after sprints, campaigns, feature launches, or our regular engagement surveys and quarterly reviews.

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We’ve got a lot of good people, but we can always use more. If you’re interested in growing your career while helping others across the globe do the same — come join us.

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