Why people enablement matters

1. Build performance processes people want

Traditional performance processes are typically time-consuming, inflexible, and frustrating from setup to participation. As a result, adoption rates are low and data quality suffers. The amount of time people spend in ineffective processes is time that could be spent moving the business forward.

Prior to Impraise we had 8,000 different Google Docs to go through every review cycle. None of our teams liked it and it was a huge administrative burden. With Impraise our bi-annual reviews are lighter, less scary, and more helpful.”
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Lianne Hajduch
HR Business Partner
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85 %

The average Impraise customer experiences a 93% participation rate for reviews.⁴

2. Create more effective leaders and teams

Too often managers don’t have the tools and insights needed to support their team’s performance and development. This can negatively impact innovation, output, and engagement levels company-wide.

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55 %

65% of managers believe they exchange more meaningful feedback with direct reports, using Impraise⁴

3. Increase alignment and clarity on expectations

Lack of alignment can make it challenging to prioritize and move the needle on high impact objectives. Resulting in missed deadlines and unpleasant surprises at the end of the year.

Nothing slows a company down more than poor prioritization and misalignment. We built Impraise to connect teams and provide direction in a way that is simple and lightweight for both managers and individuals."
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Bas Kohnke
Co-founder & CEO
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65 %

72% of users found that feedback exchanged through Impraise contributed to their performance improvements⁴

4. Feedback culture that scales with your business

When businesses grow at exponential rates, it’s often at the expense of agility and global visibility. It can be challenging to scale a culture of openness and empowerment that naturally comes with smaller teams and a shared space.

Impraise has really helped us maintain our core value of giving honest and valuable feedback as we scale."
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Chris Hall
Founder & CEO
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60 %

69% of people say that they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better recognized⁵

5. Make continuous feedback a reality

As an athlete, you wouldn’t wait a full season to correct poor form and act on feedback. Similarly, a workplace with limited opportunities for real-time feedback can create a culture where people are disengaged, unmotivated, and unproductive.

With Impraise, we’ve seen an 11% increase in engagement across the team by exchanging feedback when needed."
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Eric Hooftman
VP of Global Sales Leader Coaching
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