How to drive adoption of your company values: Introducing the value superhero awards

Earlier this year Impraise launched version 2.0 of our company's core values which we lovingly dubbed The 6-Pack. We’ve been working at getting them embedded into all corners of our business to ensure they remain a strong guiding light in decision making and defining appropriate behavior.

To coincide with our company Summer BBQ we wanted to recognize Impraisers who have been living the values, and so The 6-Pack Superhero Awards were born.

Why did we do this?

One of the best ways to ingrain values into a company culture is to live them day-to-day. For us, it was important to create a moment to recognize and celebrate successes of teams and individuals who bring the values to life with their behaviors and actions.

A few reasons why recognition is important for building an engaged team:

The benefits of regular quality recognition has been seen in companies across the world and Impraise is no different.

Fundamentally, at our core, we would all like to know that we’re doing a good job and what better way than to receive that acknowledgement from your peers?

Organizing the 6-Pack superhero awards

1. Logistics

At Impraise we have an events committee that we've coined MoFA (The Ministry of Fun Activities) and, with the help of these volunteers, we were able to get time, date, location and logistics all sorted for the Summer BBQ to be held in Amsterdam’s Westerpark. Next step was for me to organize the agenda.

2. Team Building

I wanted to ensure there was time for a team building activity prior to the award ceremony and BBQ. Thanks to the suggestion of my colleague's brother, I started putting together a scavenger hunt. I need to give some credit to scavenger hunt app - GooseChase - for helping me create a fun hunt full of 6-pack related missions. I assigned everyone into six teams each named after a value and even bought them matching wrist sweatbands for easy team identification.

Scavenger hunt tasks

3. Hashtags

When we launched The 6-Pack we started encouraging our team to send feedback with hashtags, like the one below. This served as a continual reminder to not only look out for the 6-pack behaviors but encouraged people to provide the feedback and recognition in real-time. It was an added bonus that I could also use this feedback as one of the indicators for recognizing our Superheroes.

6-pack hashtags

4. Trophies

Get yourself some trophies and have fun with it. I can recommend going in to a trophy shop so as to be inspired which is exactly what happened to me. I thought I was going to get simple cup shaped trophies then found these beauties which represented each value! Having physical trophies around the office and on the desks of our winners serves as a continued reminder of the values and actions and behaviors of the winners.

6-pack superhero trophies

5. Nominations

I sent out a request for nominations via a non-anonymous google form two weeks before the ceremony was to take place. Now I won’t lie, even at Impraise where we live and breathe feedback it did take a few reminders to get people to submit their nominations. Because each nomination also asked for an example of how the person had upheld the behaviors, it didn’t surprise me that people were putting it in the too hard basket. We’re busy people and only human. I did make sure people were aware that they did not have to force themselves to nominate someone for every category.

The outcome though was amazing. There were almost 150 pieces of feedback provided and it was great to see that more than 3/4 of our people were nominated! I ended up with a large google sheet of nominations of incredible things shared about each other. Manually calculating the number of nominations was honestly one of the most joyous things I’ve done as I got to read some really uplifting feedback.

In case you’re wondering, I didn’t hold on to all that feedback myself. After the award ceremony I shared each piece of feedback with the nominee so they also knew a) they were nominated and b) why. It was a bit time consuming to copy and paste all the feedback together but a very worthwhile experience for me and hopefully the recipients.

Celebrating the 6-Pack Superhero Awards

Following the successful scavenger hunt it was time to grab a beer and give out the prizes.

For the award ceremony I had prepared a script and reached out to six Impraisers, chosen at random, and asked them to each present an award. I’m really glad I did as it gave me some breathing space during the ceremony and I felt it was more valuable seeing other colleagues participating in the award presentation.

Part of the prize pack included a handwritten card with their feedback, their 6-Pack trophy, and a special 6-pack of beers from around the world (because Strength lies in Differences is all about celebrating diversity).

It was so great to see some genuinely surprised recipients of the awards and some heartfelt thank you's were had. Then it was time for a BBQ with family and friends.

Dress for the part. Here I am presenting in my best superhero outfit!

Our 6-Pack Superheroes for Summer 2019!

Winners of the 6-pack Superhero awards

Top Row (L-R)

Bottom Row (L-R)

*awarded for providing the most 6-pack related feedback via Impraise

Recognition & repetition: A rewarding combo

Remember earlier how I talked about the importance of recognition? Below is the feedback I received from one of my colleagues after our BBQ. I was happy with how the event turned out but receiving this recognition really helped me feel valued and proud of what I had created. It strengthened my motivation and I’m really looking forward to the next superhero awards to coincide with our Christmas party in December!

Praise received in Impraise via Slack integration

Want to learn more about the winners of the 6-Pack Awards and also see pics from our Summer BBQ? Check out our instagram.

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