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Fronteer is a business innovation agency with a work environment of co-creation, where creative minds from different backgrounds come together to help solve business challenges. In order for the team to work successfully and in a fast moving manner, it required a performance review process that mirrored the quick paced nature of the firm.


As Fronteer’s main focus is co-creation it has teams of employees who are working on multiple projects continuously. To support this focus, Fronteer moves rapidly from one project to the next.In order to stay agile and implement successful strategies, Fronteer wants their team members to have a clear understanding of how they can grow and improve their professional skills in the workplace. According to Ingeborg Lubbers, Senior Strategist “Before we started with Impraise we only had a review with our manager twice a year.

In 2015 Fronteer created a vision on personal development. They believe that continuously learning individuals (both professional and personal), are forming a pro-active team,  equipped and inspired, to always push ‘the Fronteer’ forward.
To live up to this vision they wanted to focus on the continuous development of its employees. The company needed a system that would reflect their innovative and creative culture.

This called for a system that was agile, that allowed for collaborative feedback and that allowed for continuous feedback to happen within the small teams. Lubbers explained: “We are jumping from one project to the next. Having a system that would allow us to give feedback when it matters was vital to the way Fronteer would co-create. It’s nice if you don’t have to wait till the project evaluation but instead can give your teammate feedback immediately after a session. Besides that we wanted to make giving feedback more easy and more fun!”


Receiving feedback from every person in the team, helps to get a good overall sense of how each individual is performing against their own point of view. Having this holistic approach gives way to a unbiased constructive approach to feedback. According to Lubbers: “I initially reacted with superstition to the feedback I received from my team mates, however when I took the time to really understand the feedback I had been given,  the platform really gave me some good insights into where my blindspots were and where I could improve. The other thing I really enjoyed about the new process was that it encouraged constructive conversations that otherwise would not happen.”


According to Lubbers, “Impraise is really helping the team understand that feedback is a constructive process that people can learn and grow from”. For Fronteer, Impraise was an ideal fit to their holistic feedback process. “It gives a great understanding of what each individual can improve, and what they can bring to the next project”

Are you ready to join the worlds best workplaces in building a culture of feedback with Impraise?

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