Compared to other tools, Impraise saves me a lot of time, while gathering much more feedback.
Compared to other tools, Impraise saves me a lot of time, while gathering much more feedback.
Kenneth Park - HR Director


Intertrend Communications is an award-winning full-service communication agency helping corporate America target Asian American segments nationwide. Intertrend employs around 70 people based in Long Beach, California.



Kenneth Park, Director of HR, encountered many challenges with the performance management system that has been used at Intertrend for several years. The main challenges with using their previous performance management software were that it was very time-consuming to use. People would try to avoid the tool until the very last minute when they have to fill in their goals and own accomplishments. The clunky user-interface made it nearly impossible to have all performance reviews completed in time as people tried to avoid Sonar6 as long as possible.

The feedback that was exchanged also lacked specific context as their previous tool didn’t allow Intertrend to ask specific questions about leadership qualities. After more and more employees expressed their need for more frequent, real-time feedback Park started the change. “We didn’t want to put our employees in front of a heavy, time-consuming process that is just meant to check the box. Instead we wanted to implement a lightweight mobile solution to allow for real-time coaching and faster learning while spending little administrative time.”



HR Director Kenneth Park always believed in the power of 360 degree feedback. Being able to compare self-assessment results against feedback from various sources such as direct peers, manager or clients was key for learning and development. He thought of a simple combination of employee-driven feedback tracking on development goals goals and core values in real-time and structured yet more frequent performance reviews.

“Impraise allows us to do exactly what we wanted: A lightweight, employee-driven feedback loop that is continuous and can be driven from anywhere thanks to the mobile app. It’s super easy to administer and gives you all the detailed analytics that you need to support your people’s development in real-time.”

Within a week, Intertrend was set-up on Impraise. Everyone started with an intensive feedback training Park said: “It’s important to explain everyone the Why and what’s in it for them and give people a clear next step on how to start.” Within the first 14 days people needed to upload their goal and give and ask for feedback.



Real-time feedback and casual performance checks make a huge improvement to Intertrend’s workflow. 360 review sessions can be set up in minutes and directly deliver concrete, valuable feedback. Using the mobile app saves people a lot of time as feedback can be shared instantly and nothing gets forgotten. Instead, I can help my colleagues improve from anywhere. Due to the change to Impraise people at Intertrend could exchange feedback over 700 times in the first 8 weeks of using Impraise. This happened completely employee-driven and outside the performance review period. “Imagine how much feedback would have been left unsaid, if we wouldn’t have changed for Impraise. This is a massive success.”