Establish regular performance conversations

Set individuals and teams up for success. Enable managers and individuals to improve performance by staying aligned on goals, regularly checking-in on progress, and course-correcting or doubling down with actionable insights.

Request feedback from anyone, at anytime →

Set and track measurable goals →

Evaluate progress and performance →

Schedule lightweight check-ins →

68 %

72% of users found that feedback exchanged through Impraise contributed to their performance improvements¹

Accelerate personal growth with 360 feedback

Roles turn into careers when people can proactively seize moments to celebrate, learn, and improve. Empower people to take ownership of their development by asking for regular feedback from anyone, when it makes the most sense for them.

Request feedback from anyone, at anytime →

Get structured 360 feedback from peers →

Measure improvements on skills →

Start conversations on feedback received →

Put your people in the driver's seat

After a meeting or a project I like to request feedback in Impraise, it only takes a minute and is a really good way to open up a line of communication that helps me improve."

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Karalynn Lewis Global Partnerships & Business Development
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Enable your managers to become better coaches

The number one reason people leave an organization is because of poor managers. Help managers identify individual performance and development areas, provide real-time coaching, and celebrate wins across their teams.

Request structured feedback from peers →

Get helpful coaching reminders →

Prepare for 1:1 conversations →

Track improvements on skills needed to succeed →

62 %

65% of managers believe they exchange more meaningful feedback with direct reports, using Impraise¹

Create a culture where people feel valued

Create a positive feedback culture that celebrates moments big and small. Keep values top of mind and recognize outstanding achievements and individuals across the company.

Request feedback from anyone, at anytime →

Bring company values to life →

Recognize a job well done →

Celebrate wins, big and small

My team is very appreciative of real-time feedback, and they let me know every single time I give them a praise or a tip."

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Ruby Kandah Director of Engineering for Business Applications
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Source: ¹ Impraise Customer Survey (2018).

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