Collaborative 1:1 Meetings

Have meetings with meaning. 1:1s is a dedicated space to collaborate on agendas, follow up on topics, and track conversations for more productive one-on-one meetings.

Create a dedicated shared space

One-on-one meetings don't have to be just between managers and employees. Whether it’s a manager, coach, mentor, or peer, participants can regularly collaborate and prepare for 1:1s from a dedicated shared space.

For added convenience, a quick link can be easily added to a scheduled or recurring calendar invite.

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Collaborate on agendas

A little structure can go a long way in performance management. Drive follow-ups and prompt meaningful conversations between managers and employees with the Topics Library.

While it's top of mind after goal setting or a review, add agenda topics directly from goals or reports pages.

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Track progress together

Participants can leave notes to help document discussions, and quickly align on future topics (without meeting). Get notified when a topic or note is added, and a topic is checked as covered.

When encountering similar challenges in the future, participants can look back on past items.

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Know that one-on-one meetings are happening

Identify who’s set up 1:1s and when the most recent agenda items were created and completed.

From goal setting and skills in progress to discussions on reports, understand which topic tags are being used to ensure that follow up conversations are happening and fostering development.

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