Guide managers to effective conversation

Improve performance, increase engagement, and accelerate professional growth. Reports automatically generated after reviews help managers and individuals align on strengths and areas for development, transforming feedback into actionable insights that provide clarity for follow-up conversations and coaching moments.

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Keep teams on track

Know which teams are set up for success, and which ones are falling behind. Maintain a holistic overview of performance by team and easily identify where to direct or shift focus. Share relevant data with managers and scale best practices to get every team achieving their targets.

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Make data-driven decisions

Strengthen teams by providing insights needed to make data-driven decisions. Track trends and anticipate roadblocks by comparing key evaluation moments over time and visualizing progress on skills, engagement levels, and more.

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Analytics that drive engagement

Building a feedback culture doesn't happen overnight and it's hard to get there without knowing how you’re progressing. Measure engagement, pinpoint behaviors, and scale best practices company-wide by tracking Impraise adoption analytics within and across teams and departments.

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Maintain a holistic overview of performance

We needed insights into our talent so we could calibrate across the organization. Being a global company, Impraise helps us understand who our top performers are and who needs extra coaching, no matter what office they’re in.
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Karen Miller
Chief People Officer
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