Real-time Feedback

When 70% of learning happens on the job, empowering people to exchange knowledge, experiences, and informal feedback is crucial to accelerating performance and growth.

Share feedback when it matters

Throughout the year, there are countless moments to give and receive feedback. Every project completed, deal closed, or event hosted is an opportunity for learning. Transform feedback into tangible growth by sharing knowledge and requesting input from anyone company-wide.

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Recognize a job well done

Celebrate wins, encourage progress, and reinforce positive behaviors to improve morale and performance. Recognize anyone across the organization for their strengths and accomplishments from your browser, mobile device, or through Slack.

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Actively engage in your development

What you do is important for your role, but how you do it is important for your career. Impraise encourages individuals to focus on the "how" with a customizable collection of skills and competencies relevant to their role. Individuals can request and receive feedback directly related to skills and track their improvements along the way.

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Support managers to become better coaches

Whether managers are new or experienced, they have one thing in common — they’re incredibly busy. Impraise supports managers by providing a high-level overview of their team, coaching reminders, and the ability to take action from the same screen.

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Coaching teams to success

I send feedback to my team members whenever I can. It allows me to summarize everything at the end of the review cycle and saves me so much time.
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Brian Sommers
Sales Training Manager
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