Select the right reviews for your people

No team is the same, so their reviews shouldn't be either. Choose from performance reviews, 360 reviews, leadership reviews, peer reviews, and self-assessments – based on their needs.

Get started with pre-built templates, and then create your own custom template as you learn what works best for your people.

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Build any review type – to suit your needs

Build with speed and confidence

Whether you're running reviews annually, or quarter to quarter – you can build at record speed while staying informed throughout the entire process.

Craft questions, select participants, schedule automatic reminders, and create reusable templates for your most frequently used reviews.

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Work smarter, not harder

Automated mobile and email notifications drive participants to next steps, so admins don’t have to.

Set expectations up front, and then offer gentle reminders so your people can start, continue, and complete reviews — anytime and anywhere that suits them.

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Identify strengths – and areas for improvement

Feedback from self-assessments, managers and 360 reviews — is all stored in one place for easy evaluation.

Automatically generated reports help align managers and individuals on strengths, areas for development, and provide clarity for follow up 1:1s and coaching conversations.

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Evaluate improvements over time

Maintain a high-level view into employee engagement across teams and departments throughout the review cycle. Visualize results, compare responses over time, and make critical decisions backed by data.

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Completion rates you can be proud of

We use Impraise for leadership reviews, 360 feedback, self-evaluations, and more. And, in every situation the completion rate is almost 100%. This is something we’re very proud of.
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Kristel Moedt
People & Talent Director
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Select the right package for your needs

Not everyone needs the full platform straight away. Select the right package for today, knowing you're covered when you level up tomorrow. Explore the packages available to suit your needs.

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