Drive performance & engagement with SMART Goals & OKRs

SMART Goals or OKRs help companies reach extraordinary results and empower teams to determine how they can have the biggest impact on driving growth.

Drive performance & engagement with SMART Goals & OKRs

Make Goals actionable to achieve tangible results

Easily set SMART Goals or OKRs to create a shared vision and direction – in one place. By linking teams and individuals to overarching company objectives, you drive alignment and highlight dependencies by visualizing how your goals work together to achieve growth.

Bridge the gap between strategy and execution by assigning clear goal owners and due dates, to ensure accountability and completion.

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Become agile by measuring real progress

Use metrics that best suit your key results (binary or non-binary), so you can accurately measure progress towards company objectives.

Increase visibility of progress to everyone in the organization, so it is clear what is 'On track', 'At risk' or 'Off track.' This makes it much easier for HR, leadership or managers to quickly identify how they can help – before it's too late to course correct.

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Keep goals top of mind by embedding workflows

Drive focus and feedback around goal progress by selecting 1:1 topics and the ability to request feedback from collaborators. Real-time feedback supports further guidance from managers or peers through supportive praise or constructive tips to improve performance next time.

Automatic reminders ensure goals are not forgotten, and Individuals can share goals with peers or mentors for extra support.

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Drive professional development

Forge a growth mindset culture where individuals are empowered to take ownership of their career aspirations, by linking their professional goals to OKRs. This way your team's ambitious achievements are aligned with those of your organization.

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Share successes and celebrate wins, together

Help everyone to stay motivated and engaged in their goal progress, with our Slack integration. Optionally share goal updates publically to celebrate individual, team or company milestone progress as they are completed.

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Understand OKRs progress company-wide

Understand OKR progress by segmenting data by teams, status, and goal type. Break your data down even further by uploading custom fields or a CSV – so you can segment by the variables most important to you.

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