Real-time Feedback

Feedback happens less than it should and often comes too late. Think of a fitness tracker for your work. It is now possible to give and receive feedback continuously e.g. after meetings or projects. 


Instantly request feedback

Your employees can ask for feedback when they require it the most. This shortens the feedback cycle and helps your employees learn faster. Impraise suggests relevant skills or questions to provide context and receive more targeted feedback.


ask for feedback real time

Give actionable feedback in time

Send constructive feedback or positive recognition at any time, anonymously or openly, express appreciation and help others improve immediately when it matters the most. This helps to build team spirit and encourages more open face-to-face conversations.



Track your development over time

A visual dashboard provides you with an overview of personal growth over time. To focus your training efforts, simply set your own personal skills and goals to focus on. Share them with your colleagues to gather actionable feedback.


leadership skills appraisal example