“We would learn so much more from each other, if only we shared more feedback!”
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“We want Impraise to be the simplest and most natural way to share feedback, right when it’s still fresh in your mind.”

Bas Kohnke CEO at Impraise

The fitness-tracker for your professional life.

The same way you can track your morning runs and your progress in the last few weeks, you can use Impraise at work to track your professional development.

We are all surrounded by talented people who would love to help and learn from each other. We came up with a solution that allows you to ask for feedback right when it's needed and that lets your colleagues and managers support you along the way.

People behind Impraise

Account Executive
Aaron Kelber

From the Boston area. Extremely passionate about helping others solve problems and chasing his two beautiful children around. Big fan of golf and the outdoors.

Back-end Developer
Ahmad Elassuty

From Egypt. Enjoys drinking coffee, reading and coding. Other than that you may find him watching a movie or playing digital games

VP of Global Sales
Alan Facey

Marketing Associate
Alex Presley

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas.  Loves being outdoors, pop culture, and is always up to date on the latest in TV and Hollywood.

Blog & Content Marketing
Andrea Hak

Born in the USA, half-Chilean. Passionate about human rights, learning about new ideas and exploring new cities. Research nerd, nomad and tea addict.

People Operations Manager
Anna Pearson

An Australian born New Zealander.  Wanderlust fanatic and coffee enthusiast. Spends a lot of time watching movies, reading, learning Dutch, and gaming. Loves hosting dinner parties and is happiest when feeding people homemade baking.

Inside Sales Representative
Aoife Wilson

Born in Malaysia but Irish through and through! Loves travelling, good wine, house-music and every sport imaginable.

Head of Engineering
Arnaud Camus

Born in France with cheese and a wine bottle in his cradle. When he’s not playing with Google gadgets, he loves to explore the world and ride his mountain bike.

Head of Product
Arthur Suermondt

Born & raised in Amsterdam. Returned to the rainy but beautiful Netherlands after a few years in the Bay Area. Loves cycling, prefers tea over coffee.

Bas Kohnke

Born in the Netherlands. Bas is very passionate about learning from other people. He has an impressive entrepreneurial drive and perseverance.

Events & Marketing Manager
Ben Vink

Born in South Africa. Used to be a Technical Assistant A.K.A Street Sweeper. Business savvy and keen explorer.

Front-end Developer
Bernardo Gurgel

From Brazil, passionate about independent music, travelling and the 90s. Got into coding after trying to make it as a musician in some bands.

Head of Technology
Bertrand Dubaut

Born in Paris, France. Used to live down under. Can be found playing baseball, crafting martinis or coding.

Customer Support Manager
Boyan Kmetov

Born in Bulgaria. Lover of heavy music who enjoys the company of fine-tuned guitars and drums.

Account Executive
CJ Lundberg

Born and raised in Wisconsin and residing in Boston.  Lover all things cheese, as well as Netflix benders and the Green Bay Packers.

Senior Product Manager
Dan Cook

Born in Texas; raised in California. Previously worked in product at Blue Apron and LivingSocial. Lover of music (no bad genres, just poor examples), travel, crosswords, and mini-bios

Sales Development Representative
Daniel McAteer

Born and raised on the Jersey Shore (it's not like the TV show). Loves stand up comedy, good books, Liverpool FC and pondering the nuances of the universe.

Event Marketing Manager
Darsh Arunasalam

A born and bred Kiwi with Malaysian Indian roots. Loves sports A LOT more than shopping, has a keen interest in all forms of art and eating all the amazing cuisines as she travels the world!

Customer Operations Specialist
Delia Alderete

Mexican American from California; loves tacos and tequila. Runs with the wind rather than the constructs of societal norms while exploring life with constant curiosity. Passionate about creativity, collaboration, and helping others.

Front-end Developer
Dorian Amouroux

Born & Raised in Southern France. Passionate about web development, technologies and music. Curious about the world, likes to travel and try new sports and activities.

Senior Marketing Manager
Drashti Patel

Born in Mountain View, CA. Loves fun facts, arts and crafts and making gummy bears. Believes words matter and will likely ask that this blurb be updated at least 3 more times.

Customer Success Coordinator
Ebona Mais

Born in Long Island, NY. Avid hiker, reader, and writer. Passionate about women's rights and equality. Second best dancer at Impraise

Account Executive
Elvin Kingma

AKA Impraise's own Justin Bieber. From the Netherlands, plays several instruments, loves to write lyrics and rap. Has a passion for sports, Chicago, and sports. Go sports!

Content Specialist
Emma Brooks

British born, raised in France, hailing from Swizerland. Passionate about helping people. Loves to dance and travel.

Front-end Developmer
Evgeniy Skuridin

From Uzbekistan. Fixed gear rider. Always wanted to live in Europe. Passionate about music, space and ecology.

Head of Security & Infrastructure
Filipe Dobreira

Born in Portugal, he’s a real code pusher and everyday cyclist. He loves to cook vegetarian and building things people want to use.

Mobile Developer
Gabriel Zandavalle

From Florianópolis, Brazil. Passionate about coding skills, music (including playing the guitar), gaming, and TV series. Always a good partner to drink some beer.

Finance Guru
Gerard Heij

Born in Gouda in the Netherlands (so likes Gouda cheese). Spends his time reading fiscal literature, biking across the Netherlands, and is a real Burgundian.

Head of Design
Gijs Burgmeijer

Born and raised in Leiden, the best city in the world. 10 years of experience in digital product design for organisations big and small. Very excited about the potential of our product and team. When not at Impraise he's working on furniture-art or industrial design projects.

Customer Success Manager
Gintare Lauruskaite

Born in Lithuania. Multi-tasker. Living by the rule - when in doubt, travel. She's amazing taking care of the team and helps find the best people to join us.

Mobile Developer
Guilherme Branco

From Brazil. Is passionate about beer, movies and Heavy Metal music. Strongly believes that the best way to learn is to teach. Also believes he can play electric guitar.

UI Designer
Jaer Pollux

Born in the south of the Netherlands where he learned the Burgundian way of life. So next to loving design and technology, he spends his time cooking, eating and tasting proper beers and wines. 

Growth & Online Marketing
Jamie Orsbourn

Born & raised in little old New Zealand. Enjoys surfing, mountain biking, music, travelling and dogs. Preferably all at once.

Software Engineer
João Serra

From Lisboa, Portugal. Coffee addict. Loves to code, travel, ride motorcycles, attend concerts, binge watch TV series, and go to the movies. You can find him where ever there's beer.

Sales Development Representative
Jolijn van der Steur

Dutch girl. Born in Cyprus, raised in France & Dubai. Passionate about all things psychology & human behaviour. Loves to read, write, and learn new things from people she meets. Constantly seeking for self-improvement. Can be found at any underground techno party.

Agile Coach/Studio Head
Juan Castillo

Chilean born in the UK who worked in the videogame industry for over 7 years. Passionate about meeting new people, understanding different cultures and reading books that challenge the current state of the world.

Customer Success Director, NYC
Jurrian Zoeteweij

Born in the Netherlands. Worked as a senior HR consultant, organizational psychologist for 8 years before joining Impraise. Has a passion for smart and creative solutions. Rugby -player, -coach and -fan.

Back-end Developer
Kareem Zaher

Born and raised in the land of the Pharaohs. A start-up junkie. Started his own company at 14. Loves to travel and explore the world with his better half.

Customer Operations Specialist
Kate Macintosh

Born and raised in New Zealand and part of the kiwi team taking over Impraise. Nature and coffee addict. Loves finding hills to climb up or ski down, picnicing in the park and enjoying the good life.

Office Manager
Katie Gagnon

Born in Wisconsin, raised in Seattle, lived in France, and currently conquering Amsterdam.  Passionate about organization, reading books, and crocheting. Ask her about movie trailers as she's seen them all.

Associate Product Manager
Kinga Asbóth

Born in Hungary, in love with Budapest and with Amsterdam. Psychologist, photographer, a passionate sailor and cyclist, her greatest motives are seeking understanding and self-awareness.

Graphic Designer
Kristin Leitch

Born in Aotearoa (NZ), interested in the way we engage with design through objects, environments and experiences. Big fan of vexillology.

Mobile Developer
Leonardo Wistuba de França

Born and raised in Curitiba. Traveled to Amsterdam with a cat called Frida. Enjoys reading dystopian and sci-fi novels. Passionate about Brazilian hip hop and pc gaming.

Customer Success Manager
Lisette Venema

Born in The Netherlands. Vegan. Lover of fluffy animals and a minimalist lifestyle. Has done skydiving, wakeboarding, surfing, and paddle boarding but describes herself as extremely clumsy.  Favourite food: Dutch fries.

Mobile Developer
Luz Racca

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Has been living abroad for 10 years and currently spends her time going around Amsterdam by bike. Passionate about art, especially photography and illustration.

Senior UX Designer
Marco Ferraz

From Madeira island Portugal. Roller hockey aficionado that fell in love with the Amsterdam canals and craft beers. Driven by curiosity and is a fervent spectator of human behaviour.

Sales Manager, Mid-Market
Paul Tholens

Born in the Netherlands. Avid traveller that returned to the Netherlands after pursuing an MBA in China. Passionate about social enterprises, sports and learning new things.

Customer Success Manager
Reinier Verhoeff

Born in the Netherlands. Energized by working in teams, bringing new ideas to life, organisational challenges and analytical puzzles. Loves to kitesurf, cycle, speed skate, run and play tennis.

VP of Customer Success
Rempko de Bie

Born in the Netherlands. Goes that extra mile to make customers happy. Passionate about plastic-free oceans, speedskating and French food.


Back-end Developer
Rifat Hammad

Born and raised in Jordan. A passionate programmer, enjoys working in areas where he can have a positive impact on people's lives. Enjoys cooking, video games, gardening, and reading.
Sun, Sea, and Beer.

Sales Manager, Inside Sales
Selina Haria

Born and raised in London. Fell in love with Amsterdam for the beautiful old architecture and canals. Avid traveller, loves coffee, tea, lego, baking and pc gaming

Steffen Maier

Born in Germany, travelled most of the world and learned Chinese, he has a passion for finding good deals, sometimes acts a bit “German”.

Senior Inside Sales Representative
Taryn Harpool

Born in Australia, raised in New England.  Passionate about live music, exploring mountains and lakes, and camping. Lives up to her New England stereotype by wearing lots of flannel and drinking craft beer.

Product Manager
Teresa Mendez

Hails from the enchanting state of New Mexico, USA. Connects by typing letters on her old-fashioned, 1930s Underwood typewriter. Loves working with smart people and challenging problems.

Back-end Developer
Thiago Sydow

Born in Brazil. Passionate about programming, technology, good books and heavy metal. Drinks a lot of coffee, tea and beer. Also a rookie drummer.

Senior Front-end Developer
Thierry Kleist

Born in Amsterdam, tech nut, aspiring BBQ master, audiophile.

VP of Operations
Tim Krengel

Belgian born Amsterdammer for almost 20 years. Co-founder of IceMobile, entrepreneur and investor in tech companies. Loves good food & wines and to travel.

Sales & Marketing Operations Manager
Tommy Taylor

Born in Toronto, Canada and grew up doing Drake things. Loves travelling to experience new cultures, trying his hand at cooking, and jokes with terrible punchlines. "I used to hate facial hair but then it grew on me."

Chief Architect
Vasco Fernandes

Born in Portugal. Landed in Impraise coming from Berlin where he worked with Delivery Hero, while listening to Fado music. He loves traveling the globe.

Head of Marketing
Wibe van de Vijver

Born in the Netherlands. Joined Impraise after 5 years at Google where he was a Senior Strategist at Google’s HQ in Silicon Valley. Loves music (from indie to techno) and travel.

Law and Order
Officer Friendly

He’s our team mascot. We found him abandoned on the floor when we moved to the USA and took him onboard. He’s a real American, and a big fan of huge plastic cars and freedom.

Canine Support

Little ladies man born in Greece and raised in Amsterdam. Passionate about chasing birds, playing with other dogs, and getting cuddles!

Canine Support

aka Gizzie. A rescue from Romania still getting used to her new life in Amsterdam. Would be a gold medalist if there was a competition for napping. Do not feed after midnight. 

Canine Support

Adopted from a shelter in Lisbon. Likes to chew on only the loudest toys, play with her friends at the park, and steal shoes. Is a very good dog.

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