Top HR strategies and tactics to support Managers for the hybrid workplace

In this webinar we deep dive into the complexities of hybrid working from connection, collaboration, creativity and culture, and what HR can do to support their people.

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2020 was a year which forced the world to adapt and reconsider how we live our lives. Work was no exception. Now we are coming out the other side of the pandemic ways of working look very different. Companies now know it is possible to run a business whilst working remote and employees want to have the flexibility. With the role of HR being to govern the people operations and ensure a happy and healthy work environment, policies and strategies need to be adjusted to reflect the times we now live in.

In this webinar with Darsh Arunasalam, Project Manager at Impraise, Sarah Wilson, Chief People Officer at Rokt, and Ruben Vermaak, Head of Learning and Development at Bynder, we discuss the complexities of the hybrid workplace. Diving into how to maintain an optimal team environment to continue to be high-performing and some tactics HR can support their Managers with in hybrid working.

Topics covered

Here’s a complete overview of the topics covered. If you’d like to jump to a specific one, simply look at the timestamps and head to that moment in the video, we recommend watching the entire webinar as it is peppered with amazing insights!

1. The complexities of hybrid working (4:20)

Discussion question: "What is the impact on Connection, Collaboration, Creativity, and Culture?"

2. Hybrid work environments (19:30)

Discussion question: "What do individuals and teams need to be effective?"

3. Tactics for hybrid working (34:40)

Discussion question: "How can HR enable and support Managers in this hybrid model?"

5. Q & A (49:50)

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We hope you found the webinar insightful, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. Stay tuned for our next webinar!

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