Putting people front and center

Managers often lack the tools and insights needed to support their team’s performance and development. Our platform removes the bottleneck by directly empowering individuals to request and exchange timely feedback, and take ownership of their day-to-day performance objectives and long-term career aspirations.

Request feedback from anyone, at anytime →

Set and track measurable goals →

Measure improvements on skills →

Start conversations on feedback received →

Become a strategic business partner

Our flexible platform allows you to tailor your performance and development processes for different teams. With an easy to use mobile application, Impraise drives high adoption of your people processes ensuring you get actionable insights.

Create reviews that work for you →

Drive your people to complete reviews →

Get actionable insights after every review →

A winning team in your corner

Partner closely with our dedicated team of HR and change management experts to define, set up, and bring your tailored people enablement strategy to life.

The Impraise success team made rolling out the platform incredibly simple. Once we chose them as a partner, they were fast, responsive, and knowledgeable.
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Liane Hajduch
HR Business Partner

Best practices designed to drive adoption

We’ve designed processes and implementation plans with hundreds of customers, equipping us with the experience, best practices, and resources that drive adoption.

We’re very proud of our completion rate. We use Impraise for leadership reviews, peer feedback, and self-evaluations. And, in every case, the completion rate is almost 100%.
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Kristel Moedt
Head of People & Talent

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